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I am Dr. Soma Bose, and I would like to welcome you to my website. I have this site available to educate patients, inform prospective patients about my practice, and to highlight what sets me apart in the field of Virginia optometry.

After you have the opportunity to review the website, you will have a better understanding of Virginia eye doctors and the scope of services we can provide.

The information will also enable you to ask your current Virginia eye doctor pertinent questions about your optometric health.

My passion is to take eye care out of the realm of a retail practice and into that of individualized professional care. Good visionary health depends on regular maintenance and a doctor's acute ability to detect problems early on. All too often, doctors miss early signs of disease due to compressed appointment schedules during office visits.

In my practice, patients are always granted more than a fifteen minute checkup. I take pride in devoting myself to a different level of patient care and distinguished professionalism. I strive to build long-term relationships with my patients and, as a result, have accrued a long list of patients who return year after year.

Come to me for all of your optometry needs and you will understand why my patients trust me, not only with the health of their own eyes, but the eyes of their children as well. I routinely receive referrals from patients for the care of their loved ones!

There is a difference in eye care, and it begins with the right eye doctor...one who truly understands the nuances of genuine patient care.

My sincerest and very best,
Dr. Soma Bose
Virginia Eye Doctor

Practice located in Hour Eyes, Fair Oaks Mall
Reception Telephone: (703) 218-8036
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